Levi (a.k.a Eli) Smith learns new techniques for studying BRD with PAC


These videos were taken during processing 200 hd of high-risk cattle arriving at the Mead Cattle Company yard from Alabama. Dr. Kip Lukasiewicz and I began a small research project to look at immune response to vaccinations of high-risk cattle from the Southeast. These cattle are high risk given their young age (around 400 lbs) and long travel time. We randomly sampled 5% of the population (10 hd) using a random number generator and sampling based on the order the cattle were worked through the chute. I was allowed to collect deep pharyngeal swabs, ear notches, and blood to send off to the Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory at Kansas State. They were tagged for follow-up in 10 days when they are re-processed. We will collect blood and swab samples again to compare respiratory virus titers and growth (BVD, IBR, PI3, ect.). If any of the cattle we sampled are pulled from the pen, the hospital staff will collect a deep pharyngeal sample for us. It was an amazing learning experience and very hands-on! I left with confidence in collecting blood samples and deep pharyngeal sampling via a double guarded equine uterine culture swab through the ventral meatus and into the pharyngeal tonsil pit.

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